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The U-Bahn has expanded considerably since its creation, with the service covering all areas of the city and all the suburbs, and expanded to such an extent that it is the largest underground system in Europe. Currency The official currency of Frankfurt is the Euro. Because it is the primary banking and financial center for the European Union, Frankfurt is the de facto standard of the euro. The value of the euro per the official exchange rate varies according to the most recent exchange rates at the time of printing (the actual rate is usually slightly higher). Language Frankfurt is officially part of the German language region, together with the states of Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, and as a result, most services are available in German. The city also has a notable percentage of bilingual people due to its previous status as a Free City. However, the influence of the surrounding state of Hesse is far greater than that of Frankfurt itself and most services, especially in the city, are in fact available in English as well as in German. English is the second most commonly spoken language in Frankfurt, after German. The Hochrhein river was originally called 'Frankfurter Allgeiß' (roughly translating to "Frankfurt rat", meaning "Frankfurt rat's tail" or "Frankfurt's tail"). This name remained in use long after Frankfurt was founded. Politics Despite Frankfurt being one of Germany's larger cities, it is also one of the smallest in terms of area and population and has not been represented in the Bundestag since 1961. This is partly due to the fact that Frankfurt is the capital of the state of Hesse, which is a rather small state. In the West Germany election, Frankfurt was the city most missed by the parties in government. At least a quarter of all voters from the city of Frankfurt did not vote for any party in the federal election in Germany 2013. The Hessische Regierungsbezirk Rhein-Main-Kreis, as well as the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, are located in Frankfurt. The United Social Democrats are also located in Frankfurt. Transport National and international Frankfurt is connected with other European cities by rail, bus and car. Air Frankfurt's four airports are Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport, Frankfurt Airport West and Frankfurt Airport Ramstein.



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Download U Bahn Simulator Torrents kaslau

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