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Data de entrada: 8 de mai. de 2022


Accept that luck has enormous short-term effects, but trivial long-term ones.

Poker is gambling, and luck plays a huge role in it. If you can’t accept that fact, play chess, but don’t expect to make money at it Since a significantly better player will nearly always win, hardly anyone bets on chess matches. Remember, if luck didn’t let bad players win occasionally, they would stop donating. What would you do then?

Don’t make excuses; accept responsibility for your results.

Players do not care why you lost or screwed up, nor do they pay much attention to your alibis. They usually feel contempt for victims, not sympathy. If you make excuses, complain about bad luck and other players, see yourself as a victim, and avoid responsibility, you will undermine your credibility and make yourself vulnerable. Many opponents—and nearly all winners—will see you as weak and exploit your vulnerability.


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